Review - "I discovered a very talented designer - Jackie Bertolette. Her sense of fashion is absolutely refreshing with a unique taste," - Randi, MI

Review - "I couldn't be happier with my R. J.  Luna original and I love that they provide this unique service at prices that are affordable for the average woman." - Laura, NJ

Interview with the Designer - "When I met Jackie Bertolette, I immediately knew she was super-smart & business savvy just by that way that she spoke and carried herself. Jackie...explains the story behind her incredible store followed by the commercial that was shot this past May with Fashion TV Network." - Sarah, OH

mention on a "caught around town" moment - "When I spotted this dress I fell in love with it and I was so excited to hear it was Jackie's own designs!" - Jessica, OH

Review - "I was amazed at the quality of workmanship...Your sleepwear will be as unique as you are! R.J. Luna is a unique and different company that approaches sleepwear like an art. I think every woman should own an R.J. Luna sleepwear gown!" - Katherine, GA

Review - "It is gorgeous, and I love how it fits me...I am so pleased with my dress, it is fabulous!" - Hayley, MN

Review - "I love this dress. It's so soft!...Luna is so great to work with" - Carol, UT

Review - "I received this beautiful nightwear from Luna today.It really is quite beautiful, and fits perfect." - Monique, Saskatchewan, Canada

Review - " will enjoy the beautiful selection of sleepwear...It has such a silky feel to it and the quality of the stitching is just amazing." - Ellen, VT

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